Giving up meat

Sunday, February 25, 2007

is tough.
I miss meat already...

I can't believe Jesus fasted for 40 days!!!
What a man.

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for lent...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am giving up meat.

and boy do I love meat.

I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian...

so I'm trying it out for lent.

We'll see how it goes.

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brotherly love to the big apple

Friday, February 23, 2007

So yesterday Nathan and I drove from Philly to New York City.
It extended our driving time but we were hoping to have some fun in the Big Apple.
It turned out to be an awful day. Pouring rain!
And all that driving around in Manhattan traffic wasn't the best experience.
We wanted to park and walk around, or take public transit, but with the weather, that wouldn't have been much better.
However, I did get to see the Empire State Building, Madison Square Gardens, the fashion district, Times Square, Grand Central Station and the Statue of Liberty. Not bad for a few hours in NY. We even parked in the U.S. Homeland Security area with our Canadian plates just to get a picture of Lady Liberty. It was pretty freaking hilarious. Parking is simply a night mare and after driving around and around for what felt like hours, we were willing to risk it at that point.
I made sure to get an I heart NY t-shirt, like a good tourist, while Nathan just laughed at me.
After what felt like hours in rush hour traffic, we finally made it off the island and back to Jersey, heading north to Syracuse.
The weather was really bad so we had to pull over, but at least we were safe!
I was sad not to be able to stay in Scranton again like last time, just because I love The Office so much!
All in all, the two cities are completely different, but I was glad we went to both NY and Philly, but after sooo many hours of driving, it is nice to be back home.
After two more hours tomorrow, I'll be back in Hamilton.
Too bad I have to work nights.
Oh well, it was a wonderful vacation.
I'm looking forward to many more roadtrips with Nathan.

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Thoughts from Philly

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whenever Nathan and I go somewhere, he always beats me to the blogworld, so I guess I'll just have to link you to him...

and then share my own perspective.

Last night I bunked in with two awesome girls here taking the same program as Nathan's friend Chris.
I was a bit nervous because Nathan was going to be staying with Chris and I had no idea what I would be walking into, but it was so awesome to be welcomed so warmly. Not only are they super kind, but they are super smart. One of them went to Tyndale and so we chatted about school, Toronto etc. And the other went to Mars Hill before starting here in Philly, so we bonded over our mutual love for Rob Bell sermons.
Their program is so small (15 people) that they call themselves the cohort. I love it.
They study together, encourage each other, help out with homework, eat dinner, have fun, challenge, pray, fast: live life.
It was inspiring to say the least.

This morning we woke up early to go with Chris to some 'photo shoot'.
I thought we would be volunteering to help in some way or just along for the ride...
Basically, Nathan and I were fake students for the morning and are stars in a new promotional video for Eastern University and the Masters program specializing in International Development.
I don't think neither Nathan nor I realized that we would be sitting right next to Tony Campolo as he talked about their program and what it meant to them as individuals and as followers of Jesus. We introduced ourselves as the random visiting Canadians and it seemed to be okay. We got to sit there and listen while some students asked Tony questions and he gave answers regarding economics, globalization and the kingdom of God. Neat.

Then Nathan and I decided to find Geno's and seek out the famous 'Philly Cheesesteak'. I felt like it was the Hard Rock Cafe with pictures of famous people everywhere, all eating the sandwich. Across the street is the other famous place 'Pat's'. We didn't try both to decide which was best, so unfortunately, if you go to Philly, you'll have to decide for yourself...
I was suprised, I didn't think I would like it at all, despite its fame.
However, there is no way that sandwich was worth 7$ American.
Like, it was good but I wouldn't HAVE to go back again...
I would much prefer a pita that Erin made me from Pita Pit.
But maybe that's just me?
However, we did manage to get Joe a cup and pen, but couldn't find a t-shirt. Oh well, at least we got something...

Lastly, we weaved through the confusing streets of Philadelphia to find the Simple Way.
For those of you that don't know about the Simple Way check it out!
These people are super cool and really down to earth.
I was worried they would think we were crazed fans from Canada, just looking for Shane.
But we met Rob, and he welcomed us in right away...
He gave us a tour of where they live and it was awesome.
It was really simple, yet beautiful at the same time.
Then Rob took us to see another house down the road that houses their afterschool program and we met Tim.
The four of us sat down to lunch and chatted about life, community living and what that looks like in the places we find ourselves.
Nathan and I wondered what that might look like in Sarnia.
The Simple Way couldn't be transplanted into Sarnia and function as brilliantly as it does in the Inner City of South Philly. But what kinds of things could we do in Sarnia that are building into the kingdom in a similar fashion? It was alot to think about...
I loved it there and would love to visit other communities similar to that (ie. New Jersualem, Camden House etc.) to see different and equally inspiring examples of what it might mean to live life together with a greater purpose.

Right now we're ready to go DOWN TOWN Philly to seek out Water Ice and pizza, or whatever meets us! We've got a map this time so hopefully we'll get home without driving around in circles this time...

Nathan is freaking out, so I better post this and go...

More later.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nathan and I are in Philly, PA today.

I'll post more later.

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the what if

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So I worked nights at the hospital the last few days.
I hate working nights.
There are a couple nice things about it (it's quieter than days, less chaotic, there's time to do homework-usually, I can learn a lot more because people aren't so busy, I feel more like a real nurse because I get to have more patients *I'm up to three by myself)
But I really dislike sleeping all day and working all night, probably because I have such a hard time sleeping, but mostly because it throws my system all out of whack and I spend a few days recovering.
On Friday morning after my shift was over it was time for midterm evaluations.
All I wanted to do was sleep, but I had to sit there and list my strengths and weaknesses.
Not something you want to do at 7am on a good day let alone after working a few night shifts in a row.
Anyway, my preceptor (the nurse I work with on the floor) was very encouraging in her evaluation. She was honest and really aspired to have me grow as a nurse.
My tutor (School of Nursing prof who ultimately passes me) decided to give me all satisfactory in every area except one, leadership.
I don't know why this bugs me so much, or why I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal. She probably just had to pick one thing for me to work on after midterm and that was the one she selected. Who knows?
But I continue to doubt.
I've always thought of myself as a good leader...positive, encouraging, attempting to role model, admitting mistakes...etc. It's tough when the things you believe in are questioned.
Last week I had someone tell me I'm too passionate about global issues (ie. Aids in Africa). The same thing happened to me, I thought about it all week, wondering if I need to change.
It's tough to be criticized on the very things we think our positive in our life: passion, leadership, a desire to see change. And as a result I fall into a cycle of self-doubt.

I guess at the end of the day I'm left with a few choices...
I have to stop internalizing every little thing that people say about my character and be strong in what I know to be true.
I can let the people who love me and know me best help me to change because they truly are able to identify the areas that need work.
I can know in my heart what needs improving continue to try to be more like Jesus everyday as I pursue change.
Easier said than done at times.

I guess it's the doubt that always gets me. The second guessing. The what if.
What if they are right? What if I'm missing the point? What if I'll never measure up?

I'm constantly plagued with the what if.

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I'm in Sarnia.

It's Reading Week.

A few updates:

I played Cities and Knights, a bigger more confusing version of Settlers of Catan last night.
To be honest, I think I'll stick to Settlers for now.
I might give it another try before I make my final verdict, but Settlers is definitely still number 1, hands down.

My parents changed their answering machine. It now says "Hi you've reached Liz and Geoff, leave a message" Instead of "Hi, you've reached Geoff, Liz, Rachel and Danielle..." Weird.

Dave asked me to sing at frwy and I'm sad I can't be there. I had a blast with Kev and Jaci last week. I'll miss you all. Seriously, I'm sitting here thinking about it and I'm getting that "I've been picked last at dodgeball" feeling.

Amazing Race ALL STAR is starting on Sunday!

I miss Erin Stanley.

Nathan and I are going to Philadelphia on Monday.
We're going to visit one of his friends who is currently in a Masters program at Eastern Seminary.
And we wanted to go see what Shane Claiborne and his friends at the Simple Way are all about. I loved Shane's book! I am really excited to find out more about his community and the way the choose to live life.
For those that don't want to drive to Philly...Shane will be speaking at the Evolving Church Conference March 24. It's all about justice! You should go.

I'm stressed out right now. I'm like Kevin Chen. So many papers to write and not enough time (or desire) to write them...too bad he was out of the country, we could have had a paper party.

I'll be back in Hamilton soon (definitely in time for church Feb 25)

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My sister: graphic designer extraordinaire

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My sister is going to graduate from graphic design soon.
She rocks.

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happy valentine's day

looking fine valentine. (that was a cheesy saying off a valentine I got this year, awesome)

Krista Jefferson is brilliant.
I love all the pictures she took for us.
If you need pictures, you need Krista.

ps. happy snow day too

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wedding crashers: the office style

Sunday, February 11, 2007

oh my gosh.
if you don't watch the office, what is wrong with you...
but this past week's episode was awesome.
check it out!

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another hero

i want to be like her.

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stephen lewis

I recently when to the McMaster School of Nursing 60th anniversary celebration.
Despite my obvious passion for nursing, the only reason I went was to hear Stephen Lewis.
I have read his award winning book Race Against Time.
Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.
However, I want to make it clear that I am a fan of his passion, his vision and his desire to see change, not just a plain 'ole Stephen Lewis groupie.
I loved every minute of his eloquent novel and challenge you to read it too, it will cause you to think twice about well, pretty much everything.

However, his lecturing is brilliant.
He captivated the audience (mostly nurses) with stories of nurses on the front lines every day working to reduce suffering in the world.
He reinforced why I am in the nursing profession and made me feel like I was worth a billion dollars.
Stephen Lewis made me feel like I could change the world.

Two quotes from the lecture:

Nurses are the anchor for social justice and equality in society.

I would lay down my life for the nursing profession.

Amazing. Talk about empowering.
I can't wait to be a real nurse.

Oh, and I'm getting married at the beginning of Nursing Week.
How cool is that?

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what would you teach your children?

Friday, February 09, 2007

I think this is ridiculous.

How is human anatomy offensive?


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Less than three months to go...

and all three girls have a beautiful dress to wear for the big day.

Erin's dress (in cornflower blue)
Naomi's dress (in raspberry)
Danielle's dress (not quite a perfect match...and on this website it's kiwi, but her actual colour is sage)

they are going to look gorgeous.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

So as most of you know this is my last year, last semester of nursing school.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... less than two months to go!
The McMaster program thinks it is brilliant, for many reasons, but one specfic reason is a class called PBL. Short for 'problem-based learning'. This is one class that you can't get away from. It's in every semester of every year. And it's at least 3 hours long! It's no wonder why most students call it 'pb-hell'.
The idea of the class is that students can learn in small environments what they feel is important.
Sidebar-why the heck am I paying McMaster thousands of dollars to teach myself?
Anyway, as critical as I am of PBL in my final year of nursing, this semester is different...
My professor is so passionate about nursing education you can't help but care. Not necesarily about what he cares about, but his passion is so contagious I'm beginning to truly find out the things I am passionate about too.
In a 'normal' PBL class we have a problem, obviously, and then we discuss discuss discuss, support our points with the most current, up to date research and bore the heck out of ourselves coming to a solution and ultimately resolving the issue. It helps if this problem relates to clinical or some health care experience...
In my neo-PBL group this semester we debate controversial topics concering humankind. We are talking about AIDS in Africa, global warming, the doomsday clock, the health care system, bureaucracy and politics, the apathy of young people today, spirituality/religion and oh yeah, nursing. I'm constantly challenged to think on my feet. YES, think.
It's a crazy concept that I might actually think at University.
I feel like the last four years of school have been spent memorizing textbooks or quoting journal articles. In fact, I don't think I've had a unique thought, or at least expressed it, in PBL.
This new PBL is quite refreshing.
I'm critically thinking to my heart's content.
I love it. I love the challenge. I love figuring out what I believe in and the person I want to be, the nurse I want to be.
I love that I have a professor who cares what I think and wants to challenge me to my very core.
It's my last semester of nursing school and I'm thinking for the first time. So I'll say something I'd never thought I'd say: thank you PBL.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. -Soren Kierkegaard

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remember this painting?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My beautiful and wonderfully talented Grandma Mo painted this! I posted about it on my blog awhile go because I thought it was so cool. It gets cooler. My grandparents live on Manitoulin Island during the summer, my Grandma Mo decided to enter this painting "on a whim" (using her words) into a contest. The contest winner gets their painting on all of the the Manitoulin Art Tour maps that will be in Ontario info centres, the Chichimaun, in Ontario Tourism magazine. Guess who won? My Grandma Mo!
So, if you're going up to Cottage Country this summer, or riding on the Chi-Cheemaun take a look for the brochures... My face and Erin's favourite sunglasses!
Frigging sweet.

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