one more day

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I can almost breathe a sigh of relief.
I'm going on vacation tomorrow.

Back to school soon enough.

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I learned to lie and other fun things

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This past weekend was my first real vacation.
On Friday after work I waited anxiously for Melissa to pick me up so that the Frwy camping trip could begin. It was exciting when both Amber and Jenn were there too, but the car ending up resembling a circus clown car with all our gear. We finally arrived in Valens and were ready for the fun to begin. It was fun to watch all the tents going up around our group campsite. There was about 40 people that decided to camp and a few visitors that joined varying days. It was great to be away from life and to just relax and chat with everyone.
I loved campfire time, cooking marshmellows, trying to avoid the mosquitoes, and mafia. Nathan and I love mafia and luckily Amber knew the game too, so between all of us, we taught the Frwy how to play mafia, and the lying began. Unfortunately, I can not lie. All I could do when someone asked if I was mafia was smile and nod, waiting to be voted out. But, by the end of the weekend, I was actually lying! I even convinced Natasha, the human lie detector, that I wasn't mafia! But I couldn't convince Carolyn, she was too good. It was so fun to learn more about people as we played the game. I have to say, my favourite mafia player was Mark Jefferson. That guy is good.
The only thing I didn't enjoy about the camping was the early mornings...but I guess we got to enjoy the ENTIRE day. The beach was great and the kids had so much fun playing and swimming. It was great to chat with the Church family. They are cool people. I heart Laura and Nick too. Laura, Natasha and I stayed up late talking about life and it was great! It was also fun getting to know Steve and Louise better too. Louise is a great bocce ball player, too bad we lost right at the end of the game. Another thing I loved watching was family dynamics. I loved watching dads playing with their kids, especially Marshall, what a great dad. I think family is super important and it was wondeful to watch awesome families interact all weekend long.
Thanks to everyone who helped out with organizing, especially food. Thanks Natasha for the singles food, it rocked being single this weekend.
All in all, it was wonderful to get to chat with everyone there! I had a great time, but I need to come back from my vacation and catch up on sleep. I need another vacation. Unfortunately I'll have to wait til my job is over (3 weeks and 1 day) but I wouldn't trade camping for sleep. No way.
Thanks Frwy for the super fun camping weekend.

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