Paging Nurse Rachel

Friday, June 30, 2006

During the last few months before school ended, I took to watching Thursday night television with my lovely roommate Kristen. She loves the CSI and while I agree, I think I started to enjoy ER...
This is actually a good thing because today I found out that the tentative fourth year nursing clinical placements were up onine.
When I saw the message my heart stopped and I held my breath until I scrolled down to see my name...
This is a huge deal folks. My last year of nursing, these last two placements are critical for developing skills, getting experience and learning to become a REAL nurse!
Unfortunately for me I had to scroll down three pages before I finally found my name...
I'm at McMaster hospital in the Emergency Room!!! What an amazing opportunity.
And not only that, but it'll be awesome only having to get up 15 minutes before my 7am 12 hour shifts because I live so close. I'm extremely excited and looking forward to the fall!
I can't wait to be Abby from ER.

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In exactly 2 592 000 seconds...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

or 43 200 minutes, 720 hours, 30 days, 4 weeks, 1 month...
my little sister will be married.

Oh my goodness.

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In exactly 2 592 000 seconds...

or 43 200 minutes, 720 hours, 30 days, 4 weeks, 1 month...
my little sister will be married.

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Baby Got Book

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is funny.

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Just a reminder

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Bell City Chase Toronto |June 24 edition|

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nathan has an amazing post about our race!!! I honestly couldn't wait to blog all about it!
The morning of the race Nathan and I walked to Yonge-Dundas square-the official starting line. We got there super super early and I had to sit there with knots in my stomach for like a whole entire hour before the festivities began. I was so excited yet so nervous at the same time, I guess that combination equals a feeling of wanting to puke. Anyway, finally around 9:30 they started a warm up and announcements. Whew, something to take my mind off things. Only Nathan starts acting like a loser-face attempting to Tai-Chi dance and I pretend I don't know him. Only our matching hats that Erin made for us gave me away...
Finally the host got up to speak and we all cheered. I really felt like a camp counsellor could have done a much better job. All I thought of was Sarah, Erin, Mike etc, that would have us racers ready to go camp style. Anyway, at this point, something happened that made my heart sink. Nathan told me that he was going to get on tv no matter what. I sighed thinking to myself, annoying boy...but little did I realize that he was going to rope me into this stunt. The host asks for two volunteers...Nathan jumps up and down, I laugh and then the host says: "okay you, yes you, jumping up and down..." I'm like, shoot. Nathan grabs my arm and pulls me toward the stage, while I mutter, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you the entire time...We get onto stage and the host tells us about a new element called Friend or Foe. Luckily I pick the right card, the one that says 'good news' and we win gift certificates for the RunningRoom, otherwise, Nathan would have been shaving off his eyebrow in payment for his 5 minutes of fame as a result of the bad news card. Silly Nathan. You won't learn will you, at least I am prepared now that this will probably continue to happen throughout life...I'll better prepare myself next time.
Anyway, the race is about to begin and I whisper to Nathan, "hey, we don't have clues yet". The host then tells us that in order to start the race we have to run to one of two fire stations. Nathan and I have no idea where either are and everyone just starts running. I have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves on the Amazing Race is when teams don't figure out clues/directions for themselves and just follow...and what did we do right away? We followed the hundreds of other teams running toward one of two fire stations. Which one did we go to? I still have no idea. But we got our clue sheet and then after staring at it blankly realized we knew NOTHING about Toronto. I glanced at the paper and saw Union station so we took off. We called my mom along the way and got her to google a couple of places, but we could have been sooo much smarter. We should have given her every clue, every location and then got her to plot out the best route with the least amount of time between ten checkpoints in order to make it back to the finish line as fast as possible. However, we just made decisions on the fly and although this was good at the time to keep going, we ended up paying for it in the long run. But a huge thankyou to my lovely mom for helping us out so much throughout the day. I thought I might be annoying her but nope, she told me after that she was so excited to be a part of the race that she didn't even care to give up a whole Saturday to look up clues on google. Love you mom, you're a true hard core racer at heart!
Anyway, the checkpoints were pretty cool. Nathan outlined all the checkpoints we visited so I won't repeat that part. My favourite stations were the basketball station where we rocked out our foul shots while other teams stripped...and getting to meet this eleven year old kid who knew like every world cup soccer team and flag.
The thing was, Nathan and I were killer at all the challenges, we just were awful navigators and our lack of knowledge about Toronto killed us for sure. It was too bad we only finished 9 checkpoints, I know we could have done much better.
One of the girls in my office was in the race too and she is this super athlete marahthon runner, and she got 9 done too, which made me feel alot better. Plus, I didn't want to be the loser in the office that couldn't even finish the race.
Anyway, Nathan and I had alot of fun throughout the day. I wanted to kill him at points, but that went away and overall we had the best time ever. So much so that we'd even do it again!!! And I know Nathan wouldn't do it if I was too annoying as a partner so that makes me happy. We'd really like to get a few teams to sign up to do it with us so we could compete against each other and race our friends rather than just strangers. I've already challeneged my sister and her fiance as well as my mom and dad. Hopefully Mark and Krista will take us up on the offer too...any other Amazing Race fans out there or those I missed...feel free to join us!
Side bar: Anyone interested should DEFINITELY sign up for the next City Chase in Toronto, this August 26th! Seriously, we had a blast.
All in all, I got to cross off a life goal today on my 'LIFE TO DO LIST' and that was exciting...I can't wait until next year, but boy am I sore today. Make sure to start training. I guess Nathan and I will put those RunningRoom gift certificates to good use in order to improve for next year.

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Bell City Chase, My Amazing Race

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm looking forward to this Saturday.
I'm fulfilling a dream: To be in an Amazing Race.
But since I will never become an American citizen, I will never get to apply for the actual Amazing Race...
And after my friend Brendon and I won Amazing Race McMaster, I was thinking I might be ready for a new adventure.
So, a friend of mine sent me a link for the Bell City Chase with a suggestion for me to enter.
I was intrigued. I emailed Nathan the link and he was almost as excited as I was.
We immediately decided to enter and this Saturday starting at 10am sharp the Bell City Chase in Toronto will begin!!!
I'm putting together some costume ideas but we're still thinking of a team name, any suggestions?
Anyway, I can't wait til this week is over.
I'll make sure to give you an update after the race.
Wish me luck.

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Happy Birthday

My dad turned 49!!!
This is a picture with his birthday present.
What a birthday!
(I would just like to say that if you'll notice there are two other Volvos in the driveway. I think this is the first car in over two decades that isn't a Volvo. The Pede family is branching out and diversifying in the world.)
Also, check out that grey station wagon...guess who's it is now???
That's right, it will soon belong to me.
Thanks Dad.
Happy birthday to me too.

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Me and My Painting

Monday, June 19, 2006

Abby took these pictures at the Frwy
Howard Soar painted these cool looking pictures and named these two after Me and Nathan
The bottom painting is mine!
I wish I had enough money to take these home with me, but thanks to Abby these pictures will make up for the lack of funds! Thanks Abby

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Driving Me Crazy

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This past weekend was extremely busy. I went home to Sarnia, mostly for my sister's bridal shower marathon weekend, but secretly for my G license.
My test was yesterday afternoon after a practice session with my old driving instructor. I'd like to say it went well...
Just a bit of sister just passed the test two weeks ago and took me on the exact route, pretending to be the examiner. Nathan took me out practicing to help me, especially with my parallel park. I even practiced alone all weekend long pretending that I was being tested, every time I drove...with all this practicing, you'd think I would be relaxed and ready for the test...
I am actually feeling pretty confident while I'm waiting for my test and I'm not sweating at all (for those of you who don't know me very well, I sweat when I get nervous|awkward|anxious, sorry if you didn't want to know)
I get in the car, the examiner gives his speech about the test and checks my brake lights etc. to make sure I'm ready to go...
We're not even out of the parking lot yet, he tells me to pull up to the road and that we're making a right hand turn. I answer, and get ready for an easy turn. Then, I proceed to drive right over the curb. WHAM. The wheels hit the road and he looks at me. I'm like, "I'm so sorry" Thinking he is going to tell me to put the car into reverse and to give him the keys...He then tells me that he starts marking at the first intersection. Whew. I keep going, but by now I'm sweating like (in Nathan's words) a mamma-jamma. Things end up going pretty smoothly after that, except for when we were on the highway and this truck was not too please that I was going the speed limit. I seriously thought he was going to ram into the back of my poor car to make me go faster. I looked into my review mirror, smiled at the angry truck driver and said outloud, "well truck, I'm not going any faster" and my driving examiner burst out laughing. These were just two of a few amusing incidents that happened during the course of my short driving test.
So after the initial horror of driving right over the parking lot curb, I ended up passing the test with a fairly high percentage. Thank goodness. It must have been the constant praying while I drove, "Lord, please don't let me drive over another curb, please help me to pass"

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary.
I am so glad that after 25 years they still love each other, and even more than when they were married. They are such amazing people and wonderful role models for me in what marriage should look like, through the good and the not so good.
I'm thankful for who they are and the friends we're becoming as I grow up.
I love you Mom and Dad.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm on lunch and eating 99 cent noodles.
Right now I'm dreaming about lasagna.
I miss real food.

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