Places I have Paid to Pee

Thursday, June 28, 2007

* England (20 pence)
* Amsterdam (50 cents)
* Zurich (it was 2$ in the train station but only 50 outside in a private toilet building/box thing, seriously, it even self cleaned.)
* Vienna (80 cents)
* Salzburg (50 cents and they unlock the stall for you)
* Munich (can't remember how much, maybe 50cents)
* Venice (70 cents)
* Pisa (60 cents)
* Florence (70 cents)

Trains are free, so if you can hold it, you can just pee on the train...but sometimes you just can't wait.

Nathan and I figure we've spent about 7-8Euro so far just to pee.
Peeing is expensive in Europe.

Greece has been free so far...we'll keep you updated :)

Note: Prices are per pee
Money is in Euros or in Switzerland it was CHF (more costly than CAD)

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