Nathan's Sleep-talking Rambles

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nathan talks in his sleep.
It is so annoying.

I remember Margie telling me about how Pernell once (fully sleeping) rolled over and said "I just love my Jesus" or something to that affect. I laughed, cause it's Pernell, and it's funny...but I honestly had a hard time believing that people sleep talk to that extent.
Well, I should have NEVER doubted my friend Margie.
Because it's true.
Maybe it's just church planters? Or maybe it's just people who've got a lot on their minds? Or maybe there is no trend whatsoever...but Nathan is a sleep talker!
A serious sleep talker.
He can't stop.
He'll yell out.
I will, of course, try to get as much information as I can, while suppressing laughter, and then he'll fall back asleep and remember NOTHING in the morning.
Sometimes he doesn't believe me, so I'm thinking of trying to record him...

Here are some of his latest comments:

"Everyone should plant a church, it's awesome"

"Apples will save you time"

"I love corn chips, they just fill up my plate"

"Watch out Parker.
Natalie, you're going to shut Parker's fingers in the invention.
Watch out Parker, Watch out...
(Parker is a 1 year old baby we know)

"Save my books. They are getting all wet. (I move the imaginary books out of the imaginary puddle) Thanks babe."

"We should work towards that. (I ask what that is) Sharing a car, with everyone."

"My bag is ruined!"

It's getting so bad, and I make fun of him so relentlessly that now he is starting to become more aware of it. He'll yell something out, and when I try to get more information from him, he'll just say, I can't tell you, you'll use it against me.
Smart man.

I'm writing them down because I'm sure I'll have more to add to the list sooner or later and they are too funny to forget.
I love sleep talking, even if it does keep me awake, it's totally worth it.

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